A New Way To Prototype Hardware

Order 3D parts from idle printers owned by service bureaus, startups, and individuals

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Multiple technologies

Receive quotes and manage your 3D parts from a single platform. Get access to multiple vendors/manufacturers giving you a full-stack of 3D printing technology and material options without any commitments.


Don’t wait weeks to get your first prototype. With Fictiv, you can receive your 3D part in as little as 24 hours; many of the 3D printers on our network are FDM machines which are your best option for initial prototyping.


Since our platform leverages idle printer time, you get cheaper, more affordable parts. And with multiple materials to choose from, you can select the most cost-efficient material for your development stage. That means more money in the piggy bank.

Free, unbiased advice

We don't own any printers ourselves, so it's our top priority to recommend the best material and technology for your part. We also make it easy (and free) to chat with a real person before you place your order.

What our customers say

"The part turned out great. I am even less motivated to own my own 3D printer now. :-)"

Jim Baldwin

Founder, Antimatter Research

"A knowledgable and dependable partner. Thanks Fictiv!"

Shelley Vasquez

COO, Saavyprint

"Fictiv was able to maintain my project's momentum & the affordable prototype allowed valuable insight into usability, feel and proportion."

Mark Kelley

Founder, StudioMK

"The 3D printed logo was awesome! Without Fictiv, we couldn't of created something like this."

Quentin Barber

Organizer Lead, >Play Conference 2013